Furious Steals

Furious Steals is an over the top arcade-style racing game and a throwback to such classics as Midtown Madness and Carmageddon. Addictive to play and easy to pick up, Furious Steals lets you race your friends in gigantic, open-ended city environments that are ever-changing and fully interactive. Features include a networked physics engine, surface-dependent impact effects, vehicle customisability, destructible objects and a simple yet solid driving model.

Marshmallow Duel : Mowbray’s Revenge

Marshmallow Duel : Mowbray's Revenge is the officially endorsed sequel to the 1996 cult classic, Marshmallow Duel. Featuring a stunning array of 18 devious weapons, including six original weapons never before seen in the Marshmallow Duel universe, MD:MR provides frantic and exciting gameplay with elements of action, aerobatics and espionage!

The game features well-designed and balanced weapons, dynamically destructible environments, mobile weapon pickups and complete character customisation that allows players to construct and colour their very own character from the ground up.


Relativity is a milestone in custom content as it allows mappers to create environments where they have complete control over gravity for the first time ever in an Unreal engine game. The map is primarily a showcase of this system, but also features solid gameplay and well-themed design. The development kit gives mappers all the tools they need to create their own environments with ease, and coders the ability to extend it for their own mod's custom weapon projectiles.

This work stems from a mutator previously prototyped which allowed for walking on all surfaces in standard UT2004 maps.

Instagib : Source

Instagib : Source is a popular modification to Half-Life 2's Deathmatch experience. Derived from the exciting sport of Instagib seen in the Unreal series, I:S changes your HL2 experience forever by providing you with a single, instantly lethal, weapon. But that isnt all! I:S also changes player physics and adds in extreme Unreal-style aerobatic manouvers like double jumps, dodging and wall-jumping.

Instagib : Source has received widespread recognition since its release, and has been featured in Australian magazine PC Powerplay, as well as the Ukranian magazines "Domashny PK" and "Gameplay" and the Italian magazine "The Games Machine". It was also a featured mod at fileplanet.com.

Soldat UT

Soldat UT is a collection of gametypes that allows players to experience UT2004 from a whole new perspective. It leaves core gameplay aspects intact, whilst introducing new maps with sidescrolling flow to mimic oldschool 2D games like Commander Keen.

The final versions of Soldat UT introduced vehicular controls and functionality for 2D, as well as many bugfixes and improved netcode. Lower level code was adapted from K0lpa's 2D tournament for UT2003. Soldat UT was essentially a test package for the full-fledged 2D gametype featured in Marshmallow Duel : Mowbray's Revenge.

The Source

The Source is a staff style weapon for Morrowind that facilitates the ability to cheat. It can be used at many levels to make the game effortlessly easy, to explore the world quickly in freedom, or as a lightweight healing tool.


These character models are my first attempts at doing things with Unreal Engine 2. The first version includes custom species code to generate a constant stream of visually impressive particle effects from the player. This effect was later rendered unusable by cheat protection code added to the engine after the models had made this exploit public. The second version replaced these effects by providing custom gibbing effects with about twice the visual appeal. I'm not sure, but I suspect this effect will no longer show up for opponents when playing online.