--THE SOURCE - Morrowind custom weapon / cheat item--


The Source is a staff (the source of magic) which will hopefully become the ultimate cheaters tool for Morrowind. While other cheat plugins simply gave the player ridiculous items and took away the fun of the game, The Source aims to provide multiple levels of cheating ability whilst still keeping gameplay enjoyable. It also provides a simple means of making your character cool without all that console nonsense.


Just unzip the archive to your Morrowind\Data Files directory and add the 'theSource.esp' package through the Morrowind launcher in the usual way. Start a new game and finish up your character creation. Walk outside the census office after asking oldmate about your duties and take a left. The staff is fairly hard to miss.
Or, load up any savegame and type "Player -> addItem sauce 1" in the console, without the quotes.


On a small scale, It can be used as a simple healing tool, as equipping and unequipping the staff will recharge your health and magicka to maximum and cure any diseases you may have. Having it drawn gives illumination to dark areas, as the tip of the staff glows a hot white.

Equipping the staff lets you use the power of The Source. It gives you amazing magical affinity and unlimited health and magicka. That means a 100% success rate in spellcasting and enchanting. Plus of course, you can cast as many spells as you like, and you cannot die. It does about 30-60 damage, so you can still enjoy slowly beating an enemy to death with it (after all, what's the hurry if you can't die?)

Also when the staff is equipped (and only when it is equipped, for if you are not in contact with The Source, how can you use its power?) it also gives you access to some extremely powerful 'Source Spells' (accessible like any normal spell):

  • Source Command

  • Makes any other creature or person your ally for 4 mins.
  • Source Deactivate

  • Turns off all spells which currently effect the player. This is very handy for removing any source spell effects that you no longer require, however note that it will also remove any other non constant-effect spells which are running. This spell can be used to turn off any of the spells below.
  • Source Scry

  • Detect animal, enchantment and key over the entire local map space indefinitely (when I say indefinitely, I mean for 65535 seconds.. let's face it though, nobody will be playing the game for that long at a time).
  • Source Levitate

  • Levitate at twice normal speed indefinitely.
  • Source Protect

  • Gives you all types of shields which last indefinitely and makes them impenetrable.
  • Source Stealth

  • Makes you invisible to everything and your sneak skill insanely big, so you pretty much can't stuff up stealing.
  • Source Storm

  • The big 'death' spell. Everything in a 100m radius is struck with lethal lightning.
  • Source Summon

  • Storm, flame and frost atronarchs, a daedroth, a golden saint and a winged twilight at your disposal for 60 seconds. You can remove them prematurely with the deactivate spell.
  • Source Waterwalk

  • Indefinite water walking.
  • Source Blessing

  • Run insanely fast, jump really high, ridiculous marksman skill, and your blocking never fails (well, not very often anyway).

When you unequip the staff, all your health and magicka values (as well as the blunt weapon skill required to wield the staff) will return to their old values. The Source spells will be removed from your inventory and your spellcasting and enchanting values returned to their normal levels. Any that are running will stop. However, if you have a source spell equipped you will still be able to use it without the staff, as long as you do not switch spells.


Compiled on Morrowind + Tribunal + Bloodmoon, but will run on any version of morrowind. If you get some error when you install it, just press 'yes' to keep executing. It won't matter.

Some spells may do wierd things to player stats if you are using a hacked character with skills set way above their natural levels. You might get lucky though. It is recommended that you start a new game and use The Source as your only method of cheating.

The staff may look slightly foreign to the Morrowind universe, with its stark black and white colour scheme and glowing white runes. But I think it looks damned cool, especially when you turn it in the light and catch glints of reflection off the blades.

As usual I'm not resposible if the weapon wrecks your savegame or your dog dies of cholera. Use at your own risk and all that guff.

Any bug reports or ideas? Let me know - pospi@spadgos.com
pospi           19/01/2004