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Sorry for the recent downtime. We had some problems with our host, but the site is back online now and you can get your downloads going again.

I was actually quite proud of wrecking up this domain for a little while. Angry tech guy said that 'you were using 1.4 MBPS when the server usually only pushes around 400kbps.. 1MBPS isn't just more than alloted, it is more than the whole server ever uses.' Pretty sweet, hey?

In any case, you might experience a short amount of site downtime in the near future as we transfer everything to a faster, better and most importantly, unlimited host. We hope to transfer everything from the spadgos.com domain over as a carbon copy before updating our DNS, so the transition should go smoothly.
Instagib : Source is now released!!

The installer is now up for download on the files page. There is also an additional trailer for people who like to 'try before they buy', so to speak. I'll be working on adding some more download mirrors soon that aren't so slow.

You should just check out the trailer anyway. Its pretty cool and I had fun making it. Yay! Released!
All the code elements of the mod are now finished. There's a couple of 'optional extras' I'm considering.. but basically it's all finished. Now the release of the mod hangs on how long it takes a P3-650 to render radiosity onto some 2048x2048 textures. It's been 4 days so far... But Instagib Source will be released very soon.
Well, its been about 6 months since last update. We've been on holidays from uni/school for a few weeks now, and the inevitable boredom of trying to find things to do has led us back to I:S. I've been playing with the code for the last couple of days, and have implemented all the movement physics and controls I was hoping to, which is just great.

Instagib:Source will feature all those aerobatic manouvers as seen in the Unreal franchise, namely dodging, double jumping, dodge jumping, wall dodging, double jump wall dodging etc. It will also have sprinting like in HL2, so you get quite a potent arsenal of ways to madly fling yourself around the map. The max number of midair jumps is configurable by the server of course, so you can play quadjump instagib or ridiculous instagib if you really want to.

The shock rifle also works fine, but it looks a bit dodgy at the moment. Basically all that's left to do is tart everything up a notch and add all the pretty FX that will make it cool. Moles has finished all the texture art and I've got the world model ingame. There's a shot of it on the images page. I'll get to work on importing the animated view model as soon as I get hold of a copy of XSI, which may be a while.

Things are looking up! There may even be a release coming some time soon.
Yesterday I played around a bit with the Source texture format and developed a pretty good understanding of the way it works. In fact, since it's probably one of those things we will be needing to remember, Ive made a quick reference chart of all the different formats HL2 expects for materials.
The system itself is very very poor as far as I'm concerned - you have to write definition blocks for each texture as you import them, and another for the materials that use those textures. So much for valve's bullshit 'these textures were created by an artist with no coding experience' spiel.
I'd like to make a strong suggestion that valve adopt something akin to the unreal material editor, where you get a nice WYSIWYG editor that you can drop texture files into and immediately see the result. Someone could probably make such a thing, wouldn't involve much more than text file I/O and a link to some game render DLLs i would think.
ok well after about four days of texturing i've finally finished the diffuse maps for the shock rifle, so now we have colours and one layer of prettiness. pospi will shortly be rendering the rifle and submitting pictures of it to the images section. that's about all for now, apart from that you can check out the diffuse maps at moles.deviantart.com if you're really strange and would like to look at that kind of thing. like your mother does. after some consultation i will get onto creating specular and bump maps.
Just so you all know, I'm also thinking of releasing a Doom 3 instagib mod while I wait for some more info to become available on the source engine. I realise there are already quite a few of these out on the internet, but even so it would be good practise to merge into a few non-uscript engines before I head into HL2 territory.
Also I'd like to make instagib for pretty much every game ever made. So. It might not happen but I'll see.
I've played around with the source a little bit and experimented with the compiler. I managed to compile a blank gametype without any hassles at all thanks to those lovely visual studio solution files. It seems that weapon data is linked in a very intuitive way this time around (remembering HL1 horrors) so the first thing I will do is probably to get the instagib rifle model and textures ingame. So until the texturing is done I'll just sit back and play more games. Woot!
In other news, I've put a 'team' section online with contact details for all our (so far two) members.
Firing animations for the instagib rifle are completed. Go to the images section to see the model fire from both the left and right sides (there will be a different view model for left and right handed players). Nothing much else is likely to happen for a while as I will be busy with other things.
The texturing of the model is coming along thanks to our new team member, moles.
The Instagib Rifle model is done, or at least a first draft. I've put some renders up in the images section so people can get a rough idea of what it will look like in the end. I'll do up a first draft firing animation and put it online whenever I get around to it.
Today I launch the site and start work on Instagib: Source. My plan of attack is as follows:

Step 1 - Model the instagib rifle.
Step 2 - Announce the mod a bit more, show off the model and see if people are interested.
Step 3 - Recruit more team members.
Step 4 - Keep going. I guess that means learning more C++. That sure won't be fun. Hooray!

That's all for now. I'm suffering from a lack of anything good to say, so you can all see what happens next time.

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