adventures and misadventures in coding, systems change, collapse and decoloniality

Epoch 04 2018 — ???

tech is not the answer

Crises of faith and cycles of disillusionment working and living within blockchain, 'regenerative finance' and systems change movements leads me necessarily to refute all suggestions of techno-solutionism. From altercations with movement gurus and their uneasy resolutions to facing issues of structural oppression, this chapter is where my 'real work' begins.

Whilst playing Cassandra is sometimes the only option, real change is found living into shared practises of solidarity. The challenging topics come interspersed with a hopeful outlook toward new ways of thinking, interacting and being; with occasional tech projects like hREA and organisations like Economikit as artefacts along the way.

Epoch 03 2014 — 2018

'saving the world' with distributed systems

This period of my life begins with a foray into digital privacy activism, which has propelled me into many online communities since. Despite the complexities of lateral violence in systems of multiracial and multi-gendered pluralism, refusal of surveillance capitalism remains a unifying theme in my online interactions.

My work begins to get more political, and I soon discover that transcribing discussions on metadata surveillance is grounds for having your website banned in Australian parliament.

I am also rather fond of my misguided Ethereum manifesto. Originally written in a previous incarnation, this grandiose post remains a joyful bait-and-switch for the crypto bros who began flocking to it via XTwitter after the fascist takeover. With hindsight's newly added preamble for context, my hope is to contrast privileged youthful idealism with the cynical wisdom of age and painfully lived experience.

Epoch 02 2008 — 2014

open-source hobbying

Epoch 01 2005 — 2008

aspirations to inspire

In the distant past, this website began as a university assessment piece for a digital portfolio; the design of which is now lost to time. All my teenage self really wanted to do with their life was make computer games, and so most of the projects archived here are of that nature. Many of these works contorted themselves into assessment criteria to validate their creation through the lens of academia.

Other than that it's mostly intermittent shitposting before shitposting was a thing.