Excessive TV

Excessive TV came about as a foray into learning the Vengeance engine. It was a brief exercise into gameplay balance and playability in a world where there would be hundreds of things onscreen at a time. It also featured some optimisations to the player movement code to make things more of an aerial dogfighting style match with much more exaggerated movement.

Tribes DM

This is a simple gametype to allow players to have a standard Deathmatch experience in the Tribes: Vengeance universe. No rounds, objectives or any stuff to take you away from a good old-fashioned frag-fest.

To run a server, simply extract all files to your T:V directory. A batch file will be placed in the topmost folder to run a map with the DM gametype. Simply edit it and change the name of the map to play different maps. Map names can be found by looking in your TV/Content/Maps folder for maps with the prefix MP-.

TV Instagib

This mutator modifies the sniper rifle to act as a UT-style instagib rifle. However, take care as a direct hit does not always mean a frag. The rifle draws off your energy reserves - any charge below 90% does not guarantee a 1-hit kill. To additionally balance the game, your jetpack energy will recharge much faster meaning you can fire more often. Firing whilst in the air must be executed carefully as it will instantly drain your jetpack energy - you must touch the ground again before it will recharge. The rifle's bullet physics have also been completely removed so that it acts as a proper instant-hit weapon. Enjoy!

- Extract to your Tribes: Vengeance folder with path names and all files will go in the correct place.
- To run the mutator, start a server by making a shortcut to your T:V main exe:
- Make a new text document or shortcut in your TribesVengeance/Program/Bin directory.
- Either rename the text document to a .BAT file and edit it or open the properties of the shortcut.
- Use 'TV_CD_DVD.exe Server' followed by the name of the map you wish to play. Then add the string '?mutator=Instagib.mutInstagib'. Save and run to start your server.
eg: TV_CD_DVD.exe Server MP-Fort?mutator=Instagib.mutInstagib
- Note that it is usually a good idea for other players to have the mutator installed before they join.