Marshmallow Duel DS

Marshmallow Duel DS is a standalone 2-player game built for the Nintendo DS console, although it can also be run under Windows via emulators. The entire game engine was created from scratch, using the amazing PALib DS development library.

MDuel DS offers deceptively simple gameplay mechanics in a style similar to Super Smash Bros and is fully configurable through a plethora of options. The game engine is designed to manage low-level sprite routines efficiently and easily, leaving the higher-level game logic abstracted into its own tier of classes. The source code is released publicly under the GPL and can also be downloaded from the game website.


marBALLS is a game engine and level editor that was designed for any general application to a tile based flash game. It was originally created with a 'Marble Madness' type game in mind, but has obvious applications to most game genres, especially RPG's.

The engine itself is based around a mySQL database for data storage, meaning that it is extremely easy to deploy for web-based games. It is also infinitely expandable through the use of user tilesets, which are created as simple flash movies and can be imported into the level editor for use straight away. The screenshots here demonstrate this by showing the default plain tileset alongside a medieval castle styled tileset. The level designer has many advanced features, such as multiple levels, sloped tiles and placement of dynamic objects.