Furious Steals

Furious Steals is an over the top arcade-style racing game and a throwback to such classics as Midtown Madness and Carmageddon. Addictive to play and easy to pick up, Furious Steals lets you race your friends in gigantic, open-ended city environments that are ever-changing and fully interactive. Features include a networked physics engine, surface-dependent impact effects, vehicle customisability, destructible objects and a simple yet solid driving model.

Marshmallow Duel : Mowbray’s Revenge

Marshmallow Duel : Mowbray's Revenge is the officially endorsed sequel to the 1996 cult classic, Marshmallow Duel. Featuring a stunning array of 18 devious weapons, including six original weapons never before seen in the Marshmallow Duel universe, MD:MR provides frantic and exciting gameplay with elements of action, aerobatics and espionage!

The game features well-designed and balanced weapons, dynamically destructible environments, mobile weapon pickups and complete character customisation that allows players to construct and colour their very own character from the ground up.


Relativity is a milestone in custom content as it allows mappers to create environments where they have complete control over gravity for the first time ever in an Unreal engine game. The map is primarily a showcase of this system, but also features solid gameplay and well-themed design. The development kit gives mappers all the tools they need to create their own environments with ease, and coders the ability to extend it for their own mod's custom weapon projectiles.

This work stems from a mutator previously prototyped which allowed for walking on all surfaces in standard UT2004 maps.

Escher Player Physics

The Escher player physics mutator is a small test package to show off player controls with independent gravity, a feat never successfully attempted with the UT2004 engine before. With this mutator running, players are able to have independent gravities and walk on surfaces of any angle. Midair control is completely free thanks to quaternion rotational code, and whilst walking player control naturally reverts to a standard fps control style.

The entire player animation system had to be rescripted for this to work, as well as the bulk of physics code and of course all movement code. There are a few minor animation problems in this version, and bots don't work. Be sure to add a serverpackages line for this mutator if you wish to play online with it.

Soldat UT

Soldat UT is a collection of gametypes that allows players to experience UT2004 from a whole new perspective. It leaves core gameplay aspects intact, whilst introducing new maps with sidescrolling flow to mimic oldschool 2D games like Commander Keen.

The final versions of Soldat UT introduced vehicular controls and functionality for 2D, as well as many bugfixes and improved netcode. Lower level code was adapted from K0lpa's 2D tournament for UT2003. Soldat UT was essentially a test package for the full-fledged 2D gametype featured in Marshmallow Duel : Mowbray's Revenge.


EscherSketch began as an experiment in natural interaction design and became a project all of its own. At the current time, it is a simple showcase of a gesture-driven interface, where players must draw shapes on their screen in order to interact with the world. The development version available for download represents an outdated build of the system, but shows the possibilities of it by providing several attacks which are activated through gestures. The system allows for complex gesture recognition, including hard edged and curved shapes as well as multiple glyph gestures.

The Snapback Cannon

The Snapback cannon is an over-the-top beam weapon that kicks like a mule.

Primary fire shoots a large beam which knocks both the target and shooter back several feet, whilst secondary fire is a held beam which gradually accumulates power. The secondary fire can be difficult to handle, as it will gradually become more powerful and innacurate as well as kick the player back more and more. After a while, the power is too great to handle and the weapon overloads, killing its owner.

This was originally planned to be a 'proper' weapon, but in the end I ran out of patience with it. Hence, this version works in Instant Action matches only, and you can't play with it with your friends.


Insta - BeatDown   InstaJump is a replacement Instagib mutator for UT2004 that allows you do do additional cool things on top of normal instagib play. It does a few of the same things as Insta - BeatDown used to do before a patch made it stop working, which is why I've replaced that outdated mutator with this one.

It started off as a simple 'ShockJump' mutator but then I got excitable and it grew into something else entirely. So the name is a bit misleading now, but oh well. It currently features:

  • Completely customisable beam colours! That's right, choose your own colour for your beam and coil (independently) from any colour in the rainbow and everyone else will see it exactly as you desire.
  • Shock jumping! It's like rocket jumping only cooler. You can do it at any angle and off any surface - you can even bounce off players and vehicles. Scale the jump amount from 0 (disabled) to 1 (normal shieldJump strength) to 10 (plainly ridiculous). Available in 'pushing off a surface' and 'always being knocked back' flavours.
  • Scalable teammate momentum multiplier - lets you really give your friends a kick in the pants. You can also disable the 'up' force that happens when you knock someone around so that they fly in the exact direction you hit them.
  • Scalable ragdoll momentum multiplier. Combine with the option to disable gibbing and you have some extreme ragdoll-flinging action happening.
  • Optional rail penetration, so you can line up a bunch of people and kill them with a single shot.
  • Classic shock rifle sound, because I like it more.

All these options can be mixed and matched, so you can simply play a standard game of instagib with customisable beam colours, or something rather more frantic and different. Don't forget to add the mutator to your ServerPackages!

Low Grav Vehicles

The name pretty much speaks for itself here, this mutator is a low-grav mut that deals with vehicles. The amount of gravity you take out is tweakable, so you can set things just right for your vehicles to make those impossible jumps! Try firing wildly at them with cannons whilst in the air, they go nuts!

Super Mega Bullshit

This mutator is essentially an excessive mutator which focuses on weapon momentum and vehicle kicking rather than damage and firerate.

Made in roughly 3 hours, it makes onslaught play pretty outrageous. Everything's faster, higher and goes crazy when you shoot it. A must download, really, especially at a meagre 15k. It also includes a 'minor' version of the mutator which has less insane amounts of vehicles but more insane weapons.