Java swirly thing is good times in germany

It's bizzare, but suddenly i'm getting thousands and thousands of hits to this small crappy java applet i made ages ago (a modification on another's work, i might add). I think it got posted on some German dumping ground for random internet links, and so suddenly the whole reader base of that site is coming here.

I just found that mildly amusing.

In other news, i bought a copy of Sacred (the rpg) and have been playing that way too much to be doing anything interesting or productive. yey!

The game

A great game to play with your friends:

The Game
- The object of The Game is to forget that you are playing The Game.
- If someone remembers that they are playing The Game, they lose.

- If you lose, you must tell everyone around you that you remembered that you are playing The Game, and tell them that they are now playing The Game.
- There is a 20 minute reset time after this so that everyone can forget about it, then The Game continues as normal.

Added a news section…

Hi everyone who reads this (that's really another way of saying nobody).. Ive finally got around to doing a proper news thing for this site with all the goodness of XML DATABASING and EASY UPDATING and DYNAMIC PAGINATION, which means that maybe I will write more news items here from now on.

That's actually a dumb thing to say, come to think of it, because there was nothing here before. Oh well.

Moving on, I seem to be getting a heap more hits lately (like 50 times a heap more) so thanks to everyone who has been doing that.
Probably due in part to me being proactive about the mods I'm making - Excessive TV was on the planetTribes main page a while back and I think my FlatOut mod made it onto the official forums.

Its awesome to put more stuff out there and have it recognised, so I'll keep doing that.

Oky Bibuy!