EscherSketch began as an experiment in natural interaction design and became a project all of its own. At the current time, it is a simple showcase of a gesture-driven interface, where players must draw shapes on their screen in order to interact with the world. The development version available for download represents an outdated build of the system, but shows the possibilities of it by providing several attacks which are activated through gestures. The system allows for complex gesture recognition, including hard edged and curved shapes as well as multiple glyph gestures.

Linkgun Grapple

Another small mutator, this one enables the link gun to be used as a grappling hook, which can be really handy for catching lifts on vehicles in onslaught.

Of course, you can only use the hook to attach to members of your own team. The link beam range is increased as well so that you have a better chance of getting a free ride from a distance.

Low Grav Vehicles

The name pretty much speaks for itself here, this mutator is a low-grav mut that deals with vehicles. The amount of gravity you take out is tweakable, so you can set things just right for your vehicles to make those impossible jumps! Try firing wildly at them with cannons whilst in the air, they go nuts!

Super Mega Bullshit

This mutator is essentially an excessive mutator which focuses on weapon momentum and vehicle kicking rather than damage and firerate.

Made in roughly 3 hours, it makes onslaught play pretty outrageous. Everything's faster, higher and goes crazy when you shoot it. A must download, really, especially at a meagre 15k. It also includes a 'minor' version of the mutator which has less insane amounts of vehicles but more insane weapons.

The Snapback Cannon

The Snapback cannon is an over-the-top beam weapon that kicks like a mule.

Primary fire shoots a large beam which knocks both the target and shooter back several feet, whilst secondary fire is a held beam which gradually accumulates power. The secondary fire can be difficult to handle, as it will gradually become more powerful and innacurate as well as kick the player back more and more. After a while, the power is too great to handle and the weapon overloads, killing its owner.

This was originally planned to be a 'proper' weapon, but in the end I ran out of patience with it. Hence, this version works in Instant Action matches only, and you can't play with it with your friends.

TV Instagib

This mutator modifies the sniper rifle to act as a UT-style instagib rifle. However, take care as a direct hit does not always mean a frag. The rifle draws off your energy reserves - any charge below 90% does not guarantee a 1-hit kill. To additionally balance the game, your jetpack energy will recharge much faster meaning you can fire more often. Firing whilst in the air must be executed carefully as it will instantly drain your jetpack energy - you must touch the ground again before it will recharge. The rifle's bullet physics have also been completely removed so that it acts as a proper instant-hit weapon. Enjoy!

- Extract to your Tribes: Vengeance folder with path names and all files will go in the correct place.
- To run the mutator, start a server by making a shortcut to your T:V main exe:
- Make a new text document or shortcut in your TribesVengeance/Program/Bin directory.
- Either rename the text document to a .BAT file and edit it or open the properties of the shortcut.
- Use 'TV_CD_DVD.exe Server' followed by the name of the map you wish to play. Then add the string '?mutator=Instagib.mutInstagib'. Save and run to start your server.
eg: TV_CD_DVD.exe Server MP-Fort?mutator=Instagib.mutInstagib
- Note that it is usually a good idea for other players to have the mutator installed before they join.

Tribes DM

This is a simple gametype to allow players to have a standard Deathmatch experience in the Tribes: Vengeance universe. No rounds, objectives or any stuff to take you away from a good old-fashioned frag-fest.

To run a server, simply extract all files to your T:V directory. A batch file will be placed in the topmost folder to run a map with the DM gametype. Simply edit it and change the name of the map to play different maps. Map names can be found by looking in your TV/Content/Maps folder for maps with the prefix MP-.

LieroX Instagib

This mod simply adds an instagib gametype to Liero Xtreme. There is only a single instant hit (well, almost) weapon that fires a straight beam, and will kill anyone hit with it in a single shot.

Players can also move a lot faster and jump higher, to make the game just that little bit more frantic.

Extreme Flat-Out

Extreme Flat Out is a small and simple mod that makes all the cars in Flat Out much faster and more powerful. You will be able to do bigger jumps and more insane crashes with this mod. Balance between the vehicles is maintained.

It makes the game much more difficult sometimes as you will have far less time to react. The AI players also have difficulty handling the extreme cars, so you will see many more crashes and explosions!


These character models are my first attempts at doing things with Unreal Engine 2. The first version includes custom species code to generate a constant stream of visually impressive particle effects from the player. This effect was later rendered unusable by cheat protection code added to the engine after the models had made this exploit public. The second version replaced these effects by providing custom gibbing effects with about twice the visual appeal. I'm not sure, but I suspect this effect will no longer show up for opponents when playing online.