Insta - BeatDown   InstaJump is a replacement Instagib mutator for UT2004 that allows you do do additional cool things on top of normal instagib play. It does a few of the same things as Insta - BeatDown used to do before a patch made it stop working, which is why I've replaced that outdated mutator with this one.

It started off as a simple 'ShockJump' mutator but then I got excitable and it grew into something else entirely. So the name is a bit misleading now, but oh well. It currently features:

  • Completely customisable beam colours! That's right, choose your own colour for your beam and coil (independently) from any colour in the rainbow and everyone else will see it exactly as you desire.
  • Shock jumping! It's like rocket jumping only cooler. You can do it at any angle and off any surface - you can even bounce off players and vehicles. Scale the jump amount from 0 (disabled) to 1 (normal shieldJump strength) to 10 (plainly ridiculous). Available in 'pushing off a surface' and 'always being knocked back' flavours.
  • Scalable teammate momentum multiplier - lets you really give your friends a kick in the pants. You can also disable the 'up' force that happens when you knock someone around so that they fly in the exact direction you hit them.
  • Scalable ragdoll momentum multiplier. Combine with the option to disable gibbing and you have some extreme ragdoll-flinging action happening.
  • Optional rail penetration, so you can line up a bunch of people and kill them with a single shot.
  • Classic shock rifle sound, because I like it more.

All these options can be mixed and matched, so you can simply play a standard game of instagib with customisable beam colours, or something rather more frantic and different. Don't forget to add the mutator to your ServerPackages!