Server downtime

Big apologies for the abundant downtime as of late. This is the third server we've used in the last five weeks.

We've had bandwith problems, problems with shitty support and broken installations of PHP and problems with stability. However this new place so far seems quite good and hopefully this site can be online more permanently from now on.

Unrelatedly, Ive made a quite functional system for creating maps in UT2004 with areas of differing gravity. A few friends and I should have a map with this sort of functionality out soon.

Instagib: Source in PC Powerplay

So today I went to the newsagent and was randomly browsing the magazines because I was moderately bored. And holy shit, guess what was featured on this months issue of PC Powerplay (largest games mag in Australia). Yes, it was Instagib : Source yet again. Damned good stuff. Not that they bothered to ask me if they could distribute it or anything, but damned if I care at all. Still cant believe how many magazines it's ended up in.
People must be well desperate for HL2 mods.

Site update

I'm about half way through a huge update on my website right now. Of course, most people won't actually see this message until it comes up with the new site, so the only real point of it is to test things.

For example, pressing HERE should take you to the main games projects page.

Anyway the new site will be online soon and I'm very excited about it. The real reason for updating is that I'm redoing my portfolio, so I want it to have as much impact as possible.

I'm handling all my page rendering by myself internally within flash, so I can have complete control over the entire thing. Also I've got awesome easy ways to embed video and images directly into pages.

Instagib: Source released

Oh yes, I should also make mention that I finally released Instagib : Source a few days ago to overwhelming support. Well, except for the few dicks who didn't know what instagib was and whinged about how bad it was because there's only 1 weapon. Idiots.

That's kind of the reason we are moving servers. Apparently the release of I:S was "using 1.4 MBPS when the server usually only pushes around 400kbps.. 1MBPS isn't just more than alloted, it is more than the whole server ever uses."

So, obviously I'm going to have to a server that has more available bandwith if people are so interested in the stuff I'm making. There will be a short delay some time soon as the DNS kicks over, but apart from that there shouldn't be too many problems.

Moving hosts

You can expect some server downtime soon as we move everything on the domain over to a new host.

This site is already moved; you can have a look and maybe check how fast it is in comparison to this by going here. For the moment only. Soon it will just be this address.

Instagib: Source – still here…

I realise a lot of people have been thinking 'whats with Instagib:Source? is it dead?'. Well, actually so have I. Anyway point of this unorthodox-ly current news post is to say that I've been playing around with the HL2 SDK again. Actually getting places and enjoying it this time around.

I've got a perfectly functional Instagib rifle ingame, which uses some very slick traces for weapon fire instead of actual bullets, meaning this is a 100% instant fire weapon. Hopefully some time soon I will be able to afford the time to pretty it all up and finally release this damn mod (:

Onslaught added to SoldatUT

I released a new version of SoldatUT today, as part of my ongoing work on Marshmallow Duel : Mowbray's Revenge.

If you haven't heard, SoldatUT is a 2D mod for UT2004 that brings all the default gametypes to a sidescrolling play field. The latest version includes 2D onslaught play with vehicles, as well as fixed weapons, bugfixes and new maps.

You can head over to the files page on the MD:MR site to download the mod and find links to maps for it.

SoldatUT released

I've released a 2D style mod for UT2004 which gives you a sidescrolling perspective and changes the gameplay to be more something like Soldat.
There are quite a few compatible maps and the gameplay is great fun, so please go take a look and download it.

You can get it from the official Marshmallow Duel : Mowbray's Revenge website, in the files section.

Unrelatedly, I'm going to take the comments section down later today because it isn't working very well and it totally annoys me. I will probably replace the comments link with a link to Mduel:MR soon, since that is where most of my work and released stuff will be going for probably the next year.

Marshmallow Duel : Mowbray’s Revenge announced

Just a heads up, I have started a major UT2004 mod project with friends from uni.

We will be doing this for university assessment as part of a project unit, which means a few things:
- Hard work and keeping to deadlines
- A set release date at the end of the year
- An actual team to work with

Anyway, the project itself is "Marshmallow Duel : Mowbray's Revenge" (working title), which will be an adaptation of the classic 1996 game Marshmallow Duel into a 3D environment. We will also include exciting features such as non-human enemies, monsters, and perhaps even vehicles and a singleplayer campaign.

The website (which I am extremely proud of, by the way) is now online here:

Go check it out, and get excited.

Comments section dead

Boo! My comments section stopped working a bit. For some reason it wont let you change the page. Well, I'm too busy on other things right now, so it will have to never get fixed for a while or long time.