A new server and new things

It's no understatement to say that this website has fallen largely into disuse over the years. I aim to fix this; and to start it's high time we got our server infrastructure sorted out.

We're now serving all our content from a Rackspace virtual host, which means we have complete control over what it can and can't do. We no longer need to make halfassed compromises with server constraints and serve annoyingly awkward websites with no reliable database backend. Hooray! (more)

Furious Steals announced, site rewrite

Well youre looking at v7 of this site now, hope you like it. Back to the happy days of good ol' lightweight HTML. In fact, it's even gone so far as to be XHTML 1.0 strict this time around. Take that, Internet Explorer. Actually I jest, the site works fine in IE as well.

In other news, the stuff I've been working on part-time for the last few months has finally come to light. Say hello to FURIOUS STEALS. It's an awesome racing mod for UT2004, I'll let this video do the talking for me. We still have some mapping to do here and there, and when that's over the mod will be finished and released, which I will talk about here at said time.

Server downtime

Big apologies for the abundant downtime as of late. This is the third server we've used in the last five weeks.

We've had bandwith problems, problems with shitty support and broken installations of PHP and problems with stability. However this new place so far seems quite good and hopefully this site can be online more permanently from now on.

Unrelatedly, Ive made a quite functional system for creating maps in UT2004 with areas of differing gravity. A few friends and I should have a map with this sort of functionality out soon.

Site update

I'm about half way through a huge update on my website right now. Of course, most people won't actually see this message until it comes up with the new site, so the only real point of it is to test things.

For example, pressing HERE should take you to the main games projects page.

Anyway the new site will be online soon and I'm very excited about it. The real reason for updating is that I'm redoing my portfolio, so I want it to have as much impact as possible.

I'm handling all my page rendering by myself internally within flash, so I can have complete control over the entire thing. Also I've got awesome easy ways to embed video and images directly into pages.

Moving hosts

You can expect some server downtime soon as we move everything on the spadgos.com domain over to a new host.

This site is already moved; you can have a look and maybe check how fast it is in comparison to this by going here. For the moment only. Soon it will just be this address.

Comments section dead

Boo! My comments section stopped working a bit. For some reason it wont let you change the page. Well, I'm too busy on other things right now, so it will have to never get fixed for a while or long time.


As you can see, I added a guestbook type thing in just for the hell of it. Now it's easier to contact me, because I'll periodically be checking those comments to see what people are saying.
It's available on all the main pages, so you can view it no matter where you are. Feel free to post suggestions for mod updates and stuff like that in there too.

Site rewrite

I just took the site through a major overhaul and killed off a lot of old and/or poor content.

This news page is now linked in the menu and I've cut out the 'random' section as it really had no use. Almost everything is now indexed under 'projects' with subpages for different categories of things. The projects submenu is fairly dodgy at the moment and I should rectify that later on in the week. My university subsection remains the same.

I also updated my commercial work with some proper screenshots of the stuff I've done so that anyone who wants a website or an ad or whatever can take a proper look at what I'm capable of.

Added a news section…

Hi everyone who reads this (that's really another way of saying nobody).. Ive finally got around to doing a proper news thing for this site with all the goodness of XML DATABASING and EASY UPDATING and DYNAMIC PAGINATION, which means that maybe I will write more news items here from now on.

That's actually a dumb thing to say, come to think of it, because there was nothing here before. Oh well.

Moving on, I seem to be getting a heap more hits lately (like 50 times a heap more) so thanks to everyone who has been doing that.
Probably due in part to me being proactive about the mods I'm making - Excessive TV was on the planetTribes main page a while back and I think my FlatOut mod made it onto the official forums.

Its awesome to put more stuff out there and have it recognised, so I'll keep doing that.

Oky Bibuy!