Instagib: Source in PC Powerplay

So today I went to the newsagent and was randomly browsing the magazines because I was moderately bored. And holy shit, guess what was featured on this months issue of PC Powerplay (largest games mag in Australia). Yes, it was Instagib : Source yet again. Damned good stuff. Not that they bothered to ask me if they could distribute it or anything, but damned if I care at all. Still cant believe how many magazines it's ended up in.
People must be well desperate for HL2 mods.

Instagib: Source – still here…

I realise a lot of people have been thinking 'whats with Instagib:Source? is it dead?'. Well, actually so have I. Anyway point of this unorthodox-ly current news post is to say that I've been playing around with the HL2 SDK again. Actually getting places and enjoying it this time around.

I've got a perfectly functional Instagib rifle ingame, which uses some very slick traces for weapon fire instead of actual bullets, meaning this is a 100% instant fire weapon. Hopefully some time soon I will be able to afford the time to pretty it all up and finally release this damn mod (:

Marshmallow Duel : Mowbray’s Revenge announced

Just a heads up, I have started a major UT2004 mod project with friends from uni.

We will be doing this for university assessment as part of a project unit, which means a few things:
- Hard work and keeping to deadlines
- A set release date at the end of the year
- An actual team to work with

Anyway, the project itself is "Marshmallow Duel : Mowbray's Revenge" (working title), which will be an adaptation of the classic 1996 game Marshmallow Duel into a 3D environment. We will also include exciting features such as non-human enemies, monsters, and perhaps even vehicles and a singleplayer campaign.

The website (which I am extremely proud of, by the way) is now online here:

Go check it out, and get excited.

Upcoming mods

For uni this year we get to do a self propelled project. For a full year. So basically i'm planning to do SOME sort of mod, probably for UT but hopefully for Pariah when it comes out, provided the two are fairly interoperable.

A couple of friends are helping out so it will probably be great and we will probably work really hard on it. Stay posted because more info will come when we work out precisely what we will be making.

In other news, my texture artist for Instagib : Source is getting off his ass and starting to finish up some stuff, so maybe a release for that is looking like happening some time soon again.

Sick, gross

I had some random disease for a while now, annoyingly enough nobody can tell me what it was. Some sort of 'serious viral infection' thats 'not something that can cause kidney damage' and 'not glandular fever' but something inbetween.
So consequently although i really wanted to get something interesting finished before uni starts i havent had time.. Unless i can pull getting better and motivation out of my ass in the next 24 hours.

Moving house

Ive just kinda finished moving house. Theres a few things still to do here and there but it's finally all coming to a close.
The good news is that now I may begin to have spare time again which means, you guessed it, more random projects and stuff coming along.

I'm also living with my main texture artist now so perhaps something on those outstanding HL2 and Doom3 mods will finally get done soon, with enough pestering.

Java swirly thing is good times in germany

It's bizzare, but suddenly i'm getting thousands and thousands of hits to this small crappy java applet i made ages ago (a modification on another's work, i might add). I think it got posted on some German dumping ground for random internet links, and so suddenly the whole reader base of that site is coming here.

I just found that mildly amusing.

In other news, i bought a copy of Sacred (the rpg) and have been playing that way too much to be doing anything interesting or productive. yey!

The game

A great game to play with your friends:

The Game
- The object of The Game is to forget that you are playing The Game.
- If someone remembers that they are playing The Game, they lose.

- If you lose, you must tell everyone around you that you remembered that you are playing The Game, and tell them that they are now playing The Game.
- There is a 20 minute reset time after this so that everyone can forget about it, then The Game continues as normal.