Blockchain regen, permaculture and White Supremacism

The planetary regeneration community is coming up against some hard edges.

Recently I was tagged into a Twitter conversation as a "regen nerd". Though a label that brings with it some discomfort, it's also easy to appreciate how it could be applied to me. Certainly I'm present in communities of practise which heavily intersect with such themes.

In the same thread a bunch of accusations against Regen Ledger surfaced, reminding me of similar accusations I made against the SEEDS Network over a year ago. I suppose I've made myself known as somebody with an interest in the topic of decolonisation / uncolonising because folks in that conversation are starting to ask me for my input.

So I'm writing this here, once, because Twitter is a terrible medium for reasoned dialogue and because I actually don't owe anybody my emotional labour to help them sort their shit out.

Still, I owe that debt far more than any Black person who has been harmed by these organisations. Mostly because I, too, have been called out on White Supremacism— in my case by a fellow White collaborator.