XExplorer released for analysing X3: Reunion savegames

I've been playing a lot of X3: Reunion lately. A fantastic game, but one that gets confusing very quickly.

To help alleviate this, I've made a program that works from within a web browser and parses all the important game data files for you. The upshot of all this is that you can search the game for space station locations and the availability of different tradegoods, and the program will spit out a map showing you where to go for them.

The place for all this, and more, is here.

Play BF2 on LAN with all unlockable MP weapons

I cooked up something for Battlefield 2 the other day. It's no big deal or anything, just a couple of small mods that allow you to play the game offline or on a LAN, using the unlockable weapons that you're only supposed to have in multiplayer.

Anyway, you can download it here.

Marshmallow Duel: Mowbray’s Revenge released

Marshmallow Duel : Mowbray's Revenge is finally done and released. I like to think it's particularly polished for a first release - all the really annoying bugs are things of the past.

Anyway it provides some good enjoyable gameplay (much like the original I suppose), destroyable environments, 18 unique and balanced pickups, character customisation, randomly generated levels and of course a prevalent sense of wackiness.

Available now on the MDMR files page, as well as tutorials for mapping and creating characters, and of course a trailer and hundreds of images.


Escher Physics released, MD:MR nearing completion

Yesterday, Escher Physics went live. This system allows UT2004 mappers to create stuff where they can have gravity of all directions, irrespective of the limitations of the UT2004 engine. There is also a map some friends and I created to show off its potential.

Marshmallow Duel : Mowbray's Revenge is also nearing the end of its first development phase, and it should be released within 3 weeks. All the core stuff is completely final, we are simply adding more map and character content before it comes out.

Oh yeah, the site has undergone quite a few updates and should run much nicer for everyone, particularly when loading page subsections (this is now parsed serverside instead of sending the entire page to you and cutting out the irrelevant stuff).

Instagib: Source released

Oh yes, I should also make mention that I finally released Instagib : Source a few days ago to overwhelming support. Well, except for the few dicks who didn't know what instagib was and whinged about how bad it was because there's only 1 weapon. Idiots.

That's kind of the reason we are moving servers. Apparently the release of I:S was "using 1.4 MBPS when the server usually only pushes around 400kbps.. 1MBPS isn't just more than alloted, it is more than the whole server ever uses."

So, obviously I'm going to have to a server that has more available bandwith if people are so interested in the stuff I'm making. There will be a short delay some time soon as the DNS kicks over, but apart from that there shouldn't be too many problems.

Onslaught added to SoldatUT

I released a new version of SoldatUT today, as part of my ongoing work on Marshmallow Duel : Mowbray's Revenge.

If you haven't heard, SoldatUT is a 2D mod for UT2004 that brings all the default gametypes to a sidescrolling play field. The latest version includes 2D onslaught play with vehicles, as well as fixed weapons, bugfixes and new maps.

You can head over to the files page on the MD:MR site to download the mod and find links to maps for it.

SoldatUT released

I've released a 2D style mod for UT2004 which gives you a sidescrolling perspective and changes the gameplay to be more something like Soldat.
There are quite a few compatible maps and the gameplay is great fun, so please go take a look and download it.

You can get it from the official Marshmallow Duel : Mowbray's Revenge website, in the files section.

Unrelatedly, I'm going to take the comments section down later today because it isn't working very well and it totally annoys me. I will probably replace the comments link with a link to Mduel:MR soon, since that is where most of my work and released stuff will be going for probably the next year.