Low Grav Vehicles

The name pretty much speaks for itself here, this mutator is a low-grav mut that deals with vehicles. The amount of gravity you take out is tweakable, so you can set things just right for your vehicles to make those impossible jumps! Try firing wildly at them with cannons whilst in the air, they go nuts!

Linkgun Grapple

Another small mutator, this one enables the link gun to be used as a grappling hook, which can be really handy for catching lifts on vehicles in onslaught.

Of course, you can only use the hook to attach to members of your own team. The link beam range is increased as well so that you have a better chance of getting a free ride from a distance.

Super Mega Bullshit

This mutator is essentially an excessive mutator which focuses on weapon momentum and vehicle kicking rather than damage and firerate.

Made in roughly 3 hours, it makes onslaught play pretty outrageous. Everything's faster, higher and goes crazy when you shoot it. A must download, really, especially at a meagre 15k. It also includes a 'minor' version of the mutator which has less insane amounts of vehicles but more insane weapons.