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Excessive TV is a mod that's all about craziness. If you have ever played Mr. Pant's excessive mods for Unreal Tournament, UT2003, UT2004, Elite Force and Quake 3 then you will know what to expect.

Excessive is not about adding new weapons and vehicles or drastically changing the gameplay. It is about taking what is already there and making it bigger, faster and far more devastating.

At the moment, the mod is probably a little unbalanced as I have not had much time to test it before releasing. If you have any suggestions, improvements or additions, please do not hesitate to email me so that these changes can be included in the next release.

- Recharging health and ammunition.
- Increased health.
- Jetpack that has more oomph.
- Much faster movement speed.
- Ability to jump much higher.
- Jetpack fires for longer on death. (whee!)
- Most base objects such as turrets, generators and inv stations have increased health.
- Most energy weapons only drain energy whilst flying.
- Hand grenades take less time to explode.
- Players can never be crushed by a team vehicle.
- Team damage defaults to 0, though it may still change
- Packs recharge faster.
- Pack active effects last for longer
- All manable turrets have more health and fire faster
- Sentry turrets fire much quicker
- SpinFusor:
       Fires much faster.
       Projectile speed increased.
- Grenade Launcher:
       Firerate is much slower.
       Does much more damage.
       Knockback increased an awful lot (grenade jumps!)
- Chaingun:
       Increased bullet spread.
       Takes longer to warmup before firing.
       Firerate increased greatly.
- Blaster:
       Pellet spread decreased.
       Firerate increased (think machinegun).
       Number of pellets decreased to 3.
- Sniper Rifle:
       Uses energy only, laser rifle style.
       Firerate increased.
       Energy usage decreased.
       Less target leading needed.
- Rocket Pod:
       Increased payload to 18 missiles.
       Can be fired quicker.
       No firing warmup time.
- Grappler:
       Range increased slightly.
       Cable has more tolerance before it breaks.
       Projectile moves faster.
       Firerate increased slightly.
- Buckler:
       Blocks more incoming projectiles.
       Melee 'check' damage increased.
       3 or 4 can be thrown at once.
- Burner:
       Firerate increased to fire a stream of napalm.
       Energy usage greatly decreased.
- Energy Blade:
       Energy usage increased greatly.
       Damage increased greatly (usually 1-hit kills).
- Mortar:
       Faster firing rate only.
- Repairer:
       Repair radius increased.
       Repairs faster.
- Pod:
       Movement is a little sloppier.
       Health decreased.
       Fires mortar rounds, which can be devastating.
- Tank:
       Boost ability increased slightly.
       Boost recharges quicker
       Slides much faster down hills.
       Main cannon firerate increased.
       Minigun firerate increased greatly.
       Minigun accuracy decreased slightly.
- Rover:
       Turret firerate increased.
       Max movement speed increased a lot.
       Weight decreased.
- Assaultship:
       Turret firerate increased.
       Main cannon firerate increased.
       Main cannon fires faster projectiles.
       Movement is much more sluggish.

Known bugs:
- The speed pack returns all fire rates to their normal values for some reason, making it rather useless.
- Clients firing animations and sounds play at normal speed even though the firing itself works properly.
- The mod is probably rather unbalanced. Will fix (;

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