pDebug released

Released - pDebug : Public Alpha 3.0.07
A lightweight, powerful and robust debugging platform for PHP5

Source files are on

Have at it, send me your results! 😀

ShockJump Instagib for UT3

Finally got the time to crack open the Unreal Tournament 3 editor and ported a little mutator that I really enjoyed playing with in UT2004.

ShockJump Instagib is pretty quick and rough around the edges, but it lets you do 'rocket jumps' with the Instagib Rifle and that's all it really needs right now.

Marshmallow Duel: DS v2 released

Version 2 of Marshmallow Duel DS has finally been released.

Key in the considerable list of changes since the last version is greatly improved stability and compatibility with new emulators, so you can finally play the game on a DS or a windows PC without it crashing on you.

Here's a quick trailer video showing off all the goodness:

InstaJump released for UT2004

Seeing as I've been playing a lot of UT2004 Instagib at work lately (not during work hours! Don't hate me!) I figured one last mutator for Unreal Engine 2 couldn't go astray.

It's called 'InstaJump' and it does a whole bunch of cool stuff. The main features are shockjumping, which is a bit like rocket jumping I guess, and completely customisable beam colouring because I got carried away with it.

More info, screenshots and a download link are here.

Furious Steals released

Furious Steals has finally come to a close after several months of idly waiting for things to happen. You can download the mod by going the the link above.

Also the mod's second trailer is below so you have some cool stuff to look at if you're bored. Higher-res versions are available on the Furious Steals website. Nyum mnyum.

Furious Steals announced, site rewrite

Well youre looking at v7 of this site now, hope you like it. Back to the happy days of good ol' lightweight HTML. In fact, it's even gone so far as to be XHTML 1.0 strict this time around. Take that, Internet Explorer. Actually I jest, the site works fine in IE as well.

In other news, the stuff I've been working on part-time for the last few months has finally come to light. Say hello to FURIOUS STEALS. It's an awesome racing mod for UT2004, I'll let this video do the talking for me. We still have some mapping to do here and there, and when that's over the mod will be finished and released, which I will talk about here at said time.

XExplorer released for analysing X3: Reunion savegames

I've been playing a lot of X3: Reunion lately. A fantastic game, but one that gets confusing very quickly.

To help alleviate this, I've made a program that works from within a web browser and parses all the important game data files for you. The upshot of all this is that you can search the game for space station locations and the availability of different tradegoods, and the program will spit out a map showing you where to go for them.

The place for all this, and more, is here.

Play BF2 on LAN with all unlockable MP weapons

I cooked up something for Battlefield 2 the other day. It's no big deal or anything, just a couple of small mods that allow you to play the game offline or on a LAN, using the unlockable weapons that you're only supposed to have in multiplayer.

Anyway, you can download it here.

Marshmallow Duel: Mowbray’s Revenge released

Marshmallow Duel : Mowbray's Revenge is finally done and released. I like to think it's particularly polished for a first release - all the really annoying bugs are things of the past.

Anyway it provides some good enjoyable gameplay (much like the original I suppose), destroyable environments, 18 unique and balanced pickups, character customisation, randomly generated levels and of course a prevalent sense of wackiness.

Available now on the MDMR files page, as well as tutorials for mapping and creating characters, and of course a trailer and hundreds of images.